A guy on his dating profile says he's willing to have an open relationship. Does this mean he's not the faithful type?

In one of those online dating questionnaires, he answered yes to willing to have an open relationship and yes to being okay with his partner dating other people as long as they tell him...
he's had this profile up for a long time, so I don't know how recent those responses are.

Is this a cause for alarm? Does this mean he's not truly serious and is willing to cheat on me at some point?


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  • Yup, he isn't. I find it hard to believe that people who are in to open relationships can be faithful.


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  • It means he's not the serious type and just looking for hookups. I wouldn't bother trying to get involved with a man like that.


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  • wow there cowgirl one step at a time. why don't you talk and get to know him first before you jump to conclusions. I would ask him personally what he means by that. It the best way to find out.

    • what should i ask him?

    • Ask him what does he mean by he willing to have an open relationship? Then ask if he done it before?

  • No it doesn't necessarily mean anything if a girl wanted I'd be in an open relationship but I wouldn't have sex with anyone else

    • you would be okay with that even if you loved the girl?

    • Yah if that's what she wanted

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  • Just because he's open to doesn't mean he is going to do it.

    • Really? He seems to contradict himself in many of his answers too... In one question he said yes to wanting the next relationship to last the rest of his life and in another one, he answered yes to wanting lots of fun and meaningful relationships... What do you think is happening here?

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    • how should i bring it up? i don't know what to do :(
      is it possible that he may have changed his attitudes since answering those questions?

    • Ayo probably not. Some people are just like that. If you aren't comfortable with the possibility of having an open relationship, maybe you should find someone who is the same as you. If you're going to be insecure about it then it's going to affect both of you.

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