Would you ignore texts from the guy who's gone silent for days?

I've been dating this guy I met online for almost three months. We've been exchanging messages everyday, more often in the first month. In recent months, things cooled down a lot. Dates rescued from once a week to every two weeks.

He recently went for a vacation and gone ghost for four days without any text. This morning he sent a message saying he's back in town.

I've been trying to give him some space to let him think of me. But he surely didn't think of me the whole trip. I'm very upset. Shall I ignore his message or what shall I do?


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  • Ignore only if you completely want to ruin futher chances of a relationship. Else tell him you feel ignored or just that you feel upset that he has been so distant lately. Which i feel is the more mature to do and is taking the moral highground. Ignoring him will just make him upset rather than apologetic.


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