I have fallen for girl that I don't see anymore what should I do?

ok so this might be long bare with me. this girl at my work we have liked each other a long time. like 7 years. she asked me out a few times and I was always afraid of dating somone I was working with. like she would say things to me like she can't stop thinking of me and she wants to be with me. I wouldn't commit to anything or go on a date. but we kept flirting and being into each other. it felt like we were like a work couple we both were into each other. like jim and pam on the office lol. she got a promotion as a nursing assistant and got moved to the corporate office at a different part of the building. so I gave her my number and she seemed happy. she got a cute smile and touched my arm. since then I have been studying to be a higher position and have been moved to a different location, but only 15 min away. so I do not see her at all anymore.
anyway it has been 4 months since I gave her my number and she has not called or texted. I know she prob isn't interested anymore right? but we are not that far removed from her telling me she can't stop thinking of me. and she was happy when I gave my number. you would think if she was into me enough to say those things then she would give it a try and text me. the reason we didn't date is because we work together and now we don't.
I feel like I should get over her but its hard because I feel like we could be good together and that there is still something there. also keep in mind there has been times I haven't seen her for 2 months and then when I do she acts sweet to me. so I suppose its still possible. I don't know should I hold out hope or move on.
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  • Man! Be a man. Take a day off and go see her. Do something she can reject... Ask her for a date face to face. Say her you've been a idiot... And the only thing you want is a path to let yourself and herself walk to love... Act!!!, Jesus! #slap. Good luck dumby.

    • yea it is his fault. in the first place he should have asked for her number instead of giving one. he refused to date her many times, she may now feels to move on or she has already done that. the only thing he can do is to go to her as you said and be a man.

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    • nicely said

    • I have no way of getting in contact her lol. don't think you get it. its like you created this fairy tale of the situation in your mind. she has the only way of getting in contact and isn't using it. there isn't much to do. I can't meet her at work. I don't have access to the building anymore. if that's giving up to you ok

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