What should I do about it?

Yikes, I did not look forward to ask this. But I'm in a hopeless situation it feels like.

I have talked to a guy for a while now, and my feelings towards him have started to develop rapidly. I'm not sure if he feels the same. He has a bit of a problem with his ex. Feelings that just do not want to disappear. He is currently talking with other girls too, including me. I want to open up and say how I feel. But as an introvert, I can not. I'm afraid that i am going to make a bad choice. I'm afraid that i will get rejected. I do not know how relationships work. I have simply lost the confident and courage to be in a relationship. Since the last relationship i was in was pretty bad. As an independent indvidual who just concentrates on itself, it is difficult. Maybe it's just my view on how it works. That said, I do not know how it works. What if we become something big. Will i leave everything to move with him? how will my tradional parents react? I have many thoughts that stands against the thought of telling him my feelings towards him. He is currently going through major stuff, almost at the point where he does not know the worthiness and willingness of living

My question to you guys is: should i tell him how it is?


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  • Think less, act more.

    • I wish it was that easy

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  • Yes, I think you should actually open up to him about it.


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