I guess it's safe to say it's over?

If a guy you've been dealing with for a while doesn't text you or totally ignore you for almost two weeks did he loss interest? or is he just being an ass and want to make me beg for his attention? Or both


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  • Never beg. I would just give him a taste of his own medicine and see what happens in the next two weeks. If nothing happens then just move along because he did you a favor. No one wants to date a selfish inconsiderate jerk.

    • I have and I guess it backfired on me lol we got into a disagreement I sent him a long drawn out curse out text he reads it never responded the next day he text me good morning I ignored him text him back 3 days later and haven't heard from him since. I've sent him a few text after that he reads them but never responded so I just eventually stopped. Then he liked a status on my Facebook then deleted his like. Just mad childish bs

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    • Yea I need to focus on me any way he deff was s distraction

    • Yes, also get yourself where you need to be first.

  • Sounds like he lost interest. Save yourself the heartache and try to move on.

  • sounds to me that he lost attention. move on

    • I have a feeling that may be it or he's just doing it to get back at me I don't know he's so confusing but your prob right

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