How to remain calm with a girl?

Whenever I encounter a girl, and we start talking, and things start to move forward... I get super anxious and nervous...

I start overthinking, what if she wants to date today, I'm not ready, my cars broken down, what if she wants to hook up, what if I say something stupid...

Which sucks, because I'm lonely and self loath on how no girl likes me... but when I do start talking I get anxiety.


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  • Why? I don't understand why people have a habit of glorifying attractive people.
    I mean, I imagine that you probably idealize her in your head. She is no one special. She is a human-being just like you. Your fear is the only thing that is keeping you back. Remember that.

    • I don't know, I really want a girlfriend. I get so scared of girls, I don't want to make a mistake, especially when I like them because I don't get too many chances

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    • Why are you scared?

    • I want to date her, but I'm scared I will turn her off, and she replies so fast I can't think of a response that fast :(

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  • just be yourself, dont overthink , its doesn't help instead you do weird things which can make the situation bad. Anyways if a girl likes you and sees you nervous , for her it would be kind of cute, i guess as one girl told me :)
    Just relax, dont think negative things about yourself, the girl who deserve you will accept your attiudes and nervousnesses :D Good luck

    • I'm overthinking a lot right now

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  • Think of females like this bro, they like everybody else. Pass the pretty face, and sexy body, is just another human being. Play it cool and just give a I don't care attitude about how they interact with you. But do show interest and start feeling you feel them out. If they reject you move on to someone else plenty of females out there what I hear.

    • I started talking to this girl on Tinder, and we are texting now but I'm too scared to reply... I like her, I don't want to say the wrong thing

  • You can't

    Women are a disease


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