If he wanted to kiss me, & said he was ok with it, then why did he make such a big deal out of it ?

as tho their has to be other meaning behind a kiss ?

kissed this guy I've liked for a long time, just because I felt like kissing him - that was my plan...He said he did not think it was a good idea to start something -

True. I had NO PLAN to start something, However I like him, so I heard him out.

He said he really liked me & told me why, but he was worried about getting attached - him or myself, & or things changing...& He wanted me to tell him what things would be like after- I said of course that at some point we would be in different countries sooo I don't know that's it... He was still worried.

So anyways I asked him if we he was going to stop talking to me now- cause of what just happened- & he said of course not, we'll still hang out & I asked him if we could still kiss, & he said he HAD NO PROBLEM with that...& started kissing me- I was not expecting that right away lol...

Anyways, The thing I don't get is, if I just wanted to kiss him in the first place, then why did he make such a big deal out of it, what was he so worried about, if ' he had no problem kissing me' - like he said?

What was the problem?


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  • bc he didn't grow up yet

    • Lol ... too bad he's like 22 lol

      thanks. :)

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