Girls, Ladies (those of you that have online dating accounts, can you give your votes please?)?

Ladies, those of you whom have online dating accounts, honestly is it difficult to choose a guy to talk to or give your number to? I mean I'm sure you've herd the same pick up line like 40,000 times already, maybe there's nothing different and maybe there is. Maybe you just go for the hottest looking guy because honestly I don't think you can really make an authentic judgment call just by reading a short paragraph in the (about me) section... I chose to believe humans are waaayy more complicated and it almost takes a life time of togetherness fully know someone... I've often seen females pick the hottest guy they've seen but he turns out to just wanna fuck and treat you like a punching bag or does venal abuse or something.. Then again I've seen females pick ugly guys that turns out to be psychotic because he can't control his emotions and when it's time to say bye, he's not ready lol... My question to all of this is, when choosing a guy online, what do you go for most?
His profile?
His looks?
His fancy clothes and money?
Or is it the way he speaks to you? Like if he speaks like a pimp with swagg or a gentlemen?
  • His facial looks says a lot to me
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  • His profile speaks to me most
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  • I choose on the way he dresses and presents himself and accomplishments, (aka wealth)
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  • It's the way he talks to me
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What Girls Said 3

  • When I had one I went by his bio, and if he message me I will go by that as well. I'm not going to talk to a guy that messages me, " hey I love girls with big tits, you wanna have some fun? ;) " Actually funny little story I found my boyfriend on meetme but the funny part was I actually met him before but it was a quick hi and bye at a party didn't even know his name. His bio was sweet, to me I thought he was cute, even though he thinks he's ugly because girls doesn't think so because of his weight. His profile picture was a simple selfie of him being outside and you can tell he was doing something because his clothes and bandana was dirty.

    • I gave every guy a chance that messaged me except for the ones that just wanted sex or wanted to share nudes or sex chat.

  • There needs to be a combination of everything.

    • Well there's almost no such thing as having everything! Usually when you run across those it's a decoy and he only wants sex, 9 out of 10 that's how it is... ( I could be wrong though ) what if the guy was everything (BUT!) he was ugly in the face, would you still give him a chance? For at least trying I mean...

  • profile and looks

    • What if you had to choose 1... What would you choose?

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