Is attraction/ relationships easier for Males or Females?

Seeing as humans in many ways are still animals.
I personally believe its females since (including in the animal kingdom) males are the ones attracted to the females and try to win them over. Meaning the fact girls are girls, guys are instantly attracted and drawn in while girls dont experience attraction instantly until there is an emotional connection.
That and the way relationships work (also in the animal kingdom).
males try to get with females until one accepts, the male then provides/ protects the woman and child, while the girl just looks after the baby and gets taken care of. The males also often risk their lives while doing this.
While the female is less attracted (obvious through the fact they aren't attracted to attractive men without an emotional connection) and gets taken care of all because its the males instinct to care and protect while its the female to nurture and protect the baby.
In my opinion this is clearly one sided and more beneficial to the females.
I'd be really interested in hearing girl's opinions.


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  • I believe that we already behofe like a cats and if no one put a mask on their will be no difference but I think it's much easier for males since female are much emotional and being controlled by the male


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  • In a human society lacking concepts of monogamy, the biggest beneficiary is probably the alpha male: the richest and most powerful male who leads all the others.

    In those types of societies it wasn't uncommon for the rich and powerful male to take hundreds, thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands of wives. Likewise all other males are subservient to his power.

    That's still true to some extent after monogamy was introduced. The top males will still tend to be the biggest beneficiaries since the majority of females will be attracted to him naturally. Females tend to apply a tighter selection criteria on their partners. The reason for it is due to gestation.

    Take a population with 1 male and 10 females. In that case it is not advantageous for the male to be very selective. The ideal behavior for genetic survival is for him to impregnate every fertile female in that group. This population is also relatively quite well off.

    Take a population with 10 males 1 female. In that case it is advantageous for the female to be very selective. She should only mate with the top males in that group, not any random fertile male, as she can only impregnate herself. It's ideal for her to mate with those best fit to survive in that case.

    As a result, the natural order of things typically has the top males getting all the females, and almost all the females to be able to find a mate with one of the top males.

    • Generally speaking then, broadly speaking it should be easier for a female to find a mate, while most males would find it very difficult. However, the top males would always find it very easy.

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    • This is also just looking at things in terms of sex, not romance. If we include cultural ideas of romance and marriage and so forth in the mix, it's much harder to say who has the advantage.

    • More males are likely to die virgins, so to speak, than females, lacking extreme social intervention (ex: widely accessible prostitution). In that sense males are disadvantaged. Yet the top males are likely to be able to sleep with females to their hearts' content.

      Birth control makes this a bit more convoluted. Today's society is very complicated.

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