Haven't Heard from My Date since he left on Vacation?

So I went on one date with this guy 2 guys before he left for vacation. Normally we text each other a lot like all day everyday, but he just left on Saturday and I hadn't heard from him. He's with his brother, and he's been posting pictures from his vacation on Snapchat. I texted him last night just to ask him how his vacation is going and he told me what they've done so far and what they were gonna do. We texted a little bit but then he stopped replying since around 9pm.
I mean to be fair he did warn me that he was going on vacation while we were on our date and made it sound like I wouldn't hear from his much until he gets back. He told me he does want to go on another date with me when he comes back from vacation next week.
Should I just leave him alone until he comes back? And is this normal for a guy to not text the girl he's dating while he's out of town?


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  • You've been on one date! You know he's on vacation, and yet you're still blowing up his phone?

    Let him enjoy his vacation. Hounding him like this or otherwise expecting him to text you constantly could be perceived as a big red flag.


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  • He should still be able to text you, the least he could do is reply to your messages. Even if it's hours later, at least he replied. Everyone can take 2 minutes out of their time to check their phones and he has been active posting snapchats. If he doesn't reply to the last text you sent, leave it at that until he comes around and initiates convo with you


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  • It's hard to reply on vacation, he might not even have that good of a Wi-Fi, he'll Probably contact you the day after he comes back


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  • Stop bein so clingy you Arnt even girlfriend yet. Let him have his space

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