Anyone else feel like they aren't ment to date or/and be in a relationship?

anyone else feel like they aren't ment to date or/and be in a relationship?

I have no luck in dating, at all.. and im kinda emotionally fucked up so honestly im not sure if im even ment to date. Maybe im just one of those people who never have a SO, and im trying to accept it


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  • Welcome to the party!

    I am 30 years 'old', have been in just 3 relationships, and they were all toxic.

    I am not giving up, but I am too emotionally flawed to be able to find and sustain a relationship. Add to that, a myriad if social issues and it makes sense for me to just let go!

    • at least you have had relationships, i can't even get a third date

    • Well... those relationships were the type I'd rather not have had. All evil, emotionally abusive women who killed me emotionally.

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  • yes ! I've been single for a while and dates are fun sometimes but I feel like I'm not catching any feelings. people always say it happens when you least expect it but I totally get ya girl. the right ones for us are somewhere. don't stress, enjoy while you're still single !


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  • i am the same as you. i to have trouble finding a girl who would even say hi to me in the hallway. i just decided that people are assholes and gave up

    • you're like 18 though... you still got time :) but yeah, the feeling sucks

    • im just waiting to get out of this hell hole of a high school. just full of assholes.

  • Yep. I just don't find any joy in it anymore, even when it does work out well, it just feels fruitless.

  • try once more, you will be definitely honestly you will get date

    • its more the fact that i never get a third that is the issue, getting that first date is hard, but not as hard as getting to the second and third date for me

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    • i highly doubt it, bit thansk for the faith anyway

    • welcome, but don't give up until you get success ok.

  • I get where you are coming from, i have no luck at all, its demotivating... but there is someone for you


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  • me. i think im meant to grow old alone. oh well, I've kids from prior marriage. but i like the freedom now plus the guys that catch my eyes are either taken or gay.

    • yeah, me too! the few guys that actually is interesting me either show no real interest or is taken

    • lol... enjoy the freedom girl. i was in a toxic miserable marriage for 6 years. it was hell. im appreciating my freedom now.

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