Talking to a guy who's still entertaining other females?

So I started talking to this guy off a dating website. We talked for a couple weeks before we met and when we met we really liked each other. He texts me all day everyday and I never get the feeling that he is being shady. Well I happen to be bored one night and looked on the website just to read some of the several unread messages that I had (my profile was hidden) so they were older messages. I saw that he was online and I hadn't been on in forever because we were talking. He has had several conversations with me on how much of a respectable man he is and how he has had few sexual partners. That being said we haven't been intimate but I really like him and every couple days I'll look back on the app to see that he had been online only hours before.. I just don't understand what his intentions are. HELPPPP


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  • Well if you never had a conversation about it then technically he's not wrong.

    • Okay we aren't really serious or anything yet but in my opinion I don't think if your investing so much time and effort into someone that you should still be looking. How would I even have that conversation without sounding crazy

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    • buuuuuuttt I also think it's too early for that. :/ I take things slow but even while we are talking and getting to know each other I dont want to know that he may be getting to know several others. when I'm with him he's never on his phone but when I'm away he is constantly texting me. there's never a time I think he is hanging with someone else and not texting back he's just always online on that site

    • Well you either talk to him or don't, it's your choice.

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