How Can I Get Over This Guy?

I am in a sticky if not unique situation with this guy that goes to my college. We met, had instant chemistry, were moving towards dating, and then... he gets back with his ex.
Yup. Apparently, I'm that girl.
While it hurt (and still does) I was resolved to move on. We have a lot of mutual friends that I didn't want to involve, so I didn't de-friend him on Facebook, but I also didn't like any of his stuff. He still likes some of mine though, and a couple months back, he added me on Snapchat. I'll get the occasional text, nothing flirty, but definitely friendly. We have class together this semester and he always sits close to me but doesn't really talk to me unless I initiate.
It's obvious he wants to stay friends even though I am confused by his words and actions at times, but THE GIRLFRIEND stands in between us and I really don't want to get in the middle of anything. So, I play it cool, but inside I am dying. I want to get over him, I want to move on, but at the same time, I don't. He was the first guy that I could see having some sort of a future with, and I just miss him. I know I can't do anything more than what I have been doing, but how can I just get over him? Meeting someone new would be nice (and I have been looking) but nobody has caught my eye yet. Any insight into what he's thinking or what I can do would be greatly appreciated!


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  • I would probably just move on. It seems like guys like to keep girls lined up in case they can't get back with their ex. It seems like he used you to flirt, something to take his mind off. He might still think you're cute but nothing more than that if he's willing to go back to his ex. I know what it's like to be led on. Sorry girl! Best way to get over a guy? Have fun, dress super cute wherever you go! Make it look like what he did had no affect on you! It's hard right now but sometimes you've gotta fake it til you make it! Best of luck!


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