Guys, Can guys change their mind about a girl in less than a week?

I saw him on Wednesday the last time. He came by surprise because I had told him I would have loved it sometimes. We had sex, chatted and cuddled. He said he had missed me and he told me I am on the way to become his girlfriend.
He knew my mum was over this weekend and it sometimes happens that we do not text for 2 days. Thursday I sent him a text telling him I wished to find him naked in my bed once I came back home, he saw the text the next morning and just said hey. I replied but no answer so today I texted him if he had a nice day he said yes and asked about mine. I am maybe overreacting and my fears are speaking but I feel like he is distant. I really like him a lot.


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  • Don't jump into conclusions yet, maybe there's a reason to why he's been colder, and maybe it has nothing to do with you, but is affecting his mood.
    You should bring that up, like ask him why he seems colder. Don't accuse him of anything, just tell him you've noticed he's been more distant lately.

    • What he said.

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    • Damn... :/
      Stay strong, I bet it's all gonna work out. Try not to worry too much :)

    • Hopefully 😊

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