Should I even bother trying?

So recently in school there is this girl that has just broken up with her boyfriend. She's extremely pretty and she's funny and she's just all around perfect. I sit two seats away from her in one class and I overhear everything she says and she's funny, smart, nice, and we share some friends but not many. And the ones we share I'm not really that close with. I really wanna get to know her and possibly date her.

But here's the big issue. One of her best friends absolutely hates me. She wants nothing to do with me. My guess is that obviously the friend is gonna tell her all about me, if she hasn't already.

Do you think I should even try with this girl? Or just give it up and try to find someone else?


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  • You could give it a try, you've got nothing to lose! Maybe she'll listen to her friend maybe she won't, you don't know that


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