What to do when he plays the victim?

I love my SO to death
but He always acts like I am in the wrong.
he always says it's because of me
or it's my fault
he then claims I am the one acting the victim if i try and stand up for myself.
He then said that our relationship is NEVER going to work no matter what he changes (he changed for like 2 days)
its always my fault. It's always me.
He called me boring and a retard
trying to say it's my fault we didn't follow our plans today because I was "complaining" about walking somewhere all I asked was how far is it as I don't fancy a trek. Meaning if it was longer than a half hour walk I'd need to rethink what shoes I was gonna wear. Which I said and got called a retard. He is moaning about me going to bed early as I'm tired. Then says I haven't spent time with him today. He was doing his own thing I assumed he was happy. I told him to pick an activity we could do to which his reply was I can't be bothered. I'm at my wits end. I don't understand why he always thinks it's my fault and I have to sit here feeling like crap. Just before he said get out of my flat an just leave because I walked away from what was becoming an argument.


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  • He sounds like a childish brat. I guess the question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to invest anymore time and energy on a manipulative/irresponsible/disrespectful/belligerent manchild knowing he doesn't intend to change? Because as you said, he doesn't think he has a problem. Or would you rather break up, take some time for yourself to recover, and get on with your life?

  • Wow! Just give him sometime why does he have to speak to you like that, that's not nice. How long have you been together?

    • I'm in the bedroom he is in the living room. I'm giving him space. Yeah it's not nice at all. Can feel a lump in my chest. We have been together for 7-8 months.

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    • I don't complain. I was just asking how far a walk from A to B. I have tried that. I told him to pick anything even if it was something he knows I hate I would of done it for him

    • He said that the relationship won't work no matter what and that your retarded and boring do you really want someone who calls you those names when you love someone their behavior towards you doesn't have to change. Sit down and talk to him and ask if he really wants a relationship with you.

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