Guys, what is your perspective on this? And what are my options left to do?

Guys, what is your perspective on this? And what are my options left to do?... we can move long but still keep a positive vibe. (The last part)

Long story short. We are both attractive people mid 20s. We met on a dating app, went on a few dates, we had sex. This man pursued me after sex. 1.5 month or so into casually dating I texted him that I can no longer have sex while dating casually because it didn't feel appropriate and I wanted to save that for the right person. He responded very well to it (through text). Well, a week goes by I'm super busy and I texted him and made plans when I get back, I got back but I said I wasn't able to see him. This is when I started to feel the distance. Then I tried to see him again a few days later... he said yes but blew me off. No text, no apology, nothing. Of course, I reacted negatively (you will see in the image attached). Well it's been a week, still haven't heard from him. My question is, did I do or say something wrong? What can I do at this point?

This man never treated me casually and I never felt like an option to him. He was very consistent and a gentleman, till now. I would appreciate honest advice. I can handle it, I'm a woman.


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  • It's very tough to keep a relationship going to have sex and then not have sex anymore. What drove the nail in the coffin was when you blew him off because you were "super busy." You told him no sex and then set up a time to hang out and then told him you couldn't. This double whammy told him that you were no longer interested.

    • Hopefully that last text helped a bit. I miss him and I truly felt like I blew it.

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    • I'm pretty sure you blew it, I agree with Needindenial

    • @LittleFenrir what can I do?

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