Have you ever dated a narcissist? What are the signs? How long does it last?


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  • Being interested only in themselves is a pretty clear sign.


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  • Being a narcissist usually lasts forever, and the relationship is very destructive to the other person. So if you're with a narcissist, GET OUT!

    A few signs I know of...

    -Selfish, but not just selfish: self-absorbed, self centered, there's an assumption that everything revolves around them
    -Delusions of grandeur, they think they are unusually special / talented / fated for greatness, but their confidence here isn't really rooted in reality or actual talent as much as it's a dreamy type thing
    -Delusions of persecution, not only are they destined to be extraordinary in every way, but the world or someone is out to get them and they have to overcome being persecuted (again, this is not a reality but a fantasy they create, or a huge exaggeration of real life events, and they come to believe their own fantasy as if it were true).
    -Extremely charming, smooth talker, very fun to be around, often funny and great at flirting
    -Good at pleasing people and making you feel good / interesting / important, but that's an act to get what they want
    -Lacking empathy, but they might be good at faking expressions of empathy, so watch their patterns over time to get a good sense of who they truly are. And when they express empathy, look for signs of whether this is genuine emotion for them or whether they are faking it.
    -You'll notice that even if on the surface they act like they care about you, somehow the conversation always comes back around to THEM. Somehow what they want is what ends up happening almost always, and somehow their needs get met even when yours don't. Your needs may only get met when they happen to go along with the narcissist's needs, or when the narcissist wants to be good to you to prove what a good person they are and boost their own ego.
    -Their ego is the single most powerful driving force in their life, and when you start to realize this and look at the big picture, you start to see a pattern in events
    -In your gut you think they're a narcissist. Don't ignore this!

    Sometimes people with narcissistic tendencies can change but that is VERY rare because they have to want to do it for themselves, & since most narcissists love themselves so much, they won't truly believe they need to change. Any true change that does happen takes many, many years and a lot of hard work through therapy, etc

    I've never dated a narcissist but one of my good friends in high school ended up being one and he really fucked up my world for a while there. Dont walk, RUN!


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  • Arrogance and intimidation is one the most common signs of narcissism.

  • No, no clue, no clue.

  • I'm a narcissist so ask my ex girlfriends lol

    • Haha at least your honest! How long do your relationships last?

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    • Haha true, he likes to look good. The girl he dated for 2 years was 8 years younger and still in school. He got to go to all the uni parties. He uses people who can help him. He once befriended a girl because he thought she had hot friends

    • My point exactly

What Girls Said 1

  • just ended one...
    he lies.
    he is always right. anyone who has different idea is less informed.
    he always have excuse for everything he did.
    he is good at manipulation.
    he can't stop talking things he knows and experienced even when you tell him to stop.
    always expect you to be the one to apologize.
    everything you did is your own choice. you said you love him so you have to have faith in him even if he rejected you.
    anything against his will is not.
    he was always the nice guy in his relationship.
    it was the girl who left him. and he was the victim.
    want to know everything about you and everything has to be positive when you talking about him.
    he is always the one who know everything.
    you have to back home early when he always back home later than 1 am...
    and yes. your money is better under his control.

    the relationship ended within 3 months
    because im not desperate...


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