One word response to apology, what should I say?

We got into an argument on Friday night, she finally replied to my text today on Monday. So I apologized with a long paragraph and all she said was "cool.". What do I say back to be nice and try and get past this barrier?


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  • It depends what the row was about and does she normally just say "cool" in situations like this? Perhaps you should ignore it and just ask her out for dinner/drinks/coffee and talk 121.

    • She's never been like this, she's never given me the silent treatment or responded with one word answers. I don't think she would ever go out with me the way it seems now if all she says is one word.

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    • She said, "No" What do I do now?

    • As I said before, call her and leave her a message saying that you want to discuss things and clear everything up between you. Leave the ball in her court.

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  • "I care about you too much to let this ruin our relationship. I hope you feel the same way."

    • I already said all of that, i made a huge apology message and that's when she said "cool." I understand it's her just being mad but how do I respond to that? I want to make it better.

    • "Things aren't really cool until I have my arms around you."

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  • I wish you no harm


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  • have you tried telling her in person. anyone can say anything on a phone. she probably wants to see actual effort and not just a text