Are guys just as crazy?

SO I'm seeing this guy, things started off really good except the first night we hung out we just hooked up and fooled around.. everything was fine we were talking than out of no where he starts to ignore me so i just tried to have just regular conversation with him and turns out he thought I went out with another guy which wasn't true from a picture he saw of me and my friend.. but than he started to get cold and back off from me but was all bent out of shape about me going out on a "date" why would he do that if he wasn't interested?


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  • Because girls who are that comfortable with other guys turn off some men. This includes me. We're not crazy, we just prefer a girl who reserves herself (even through her social media presence), for her family and significant other. It's just preference, some guys have different values.

    • Yeah but he knows the situation the guy was way younger than me and he's autistic It isn't like that at all the guy is a very close personal family friend.. and I just look out for him because of his circumstances. I consider myself to be too reserved I don't tell him much we just started seeing each other not too long ago it's too soon for all that.

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    • The way I always see it is that your job is to speak your piece. You probably shouldn't focus too much on telling him what you would like him to do, and instead communicate where you are at. If you do make an ass of yourself, you can just hightail it out of there and text him that you were to nervous to tell him (insert what you were to nervous to tell him in person, but this time over text). If he likes you, or at least likes the fact that you like him, he will like the fact that you told him all this in person or even find it cute that you were too nervous and texted him all this.

    • Can you private message me I followed you.

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  • Why would you think he wasn't interested if you two have been seeing each othet?

    • Wasn't sure if he was just in it for the sex plus sometimes he sends me mixed signals

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    • How long have you been seeing him?

    • around a month

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