Is it normal for a guy you're seeing to suggest you go out on dates with other men?

I'm really depressed because he's the only person I've gone out on a date with and he knows how inexperienced I am. If he liked me enough, he wouldn't have suggested I go out on dates and "get more experience" with other guys. I liked him and thought that we were headed towards something more serious since he also showed that he liked/cared about me in many ways. He also said that we weren't "dating" since going out on dates doesn't mean you're dating someone. Why am I not good enough for him? Please help!


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  • You can't win them all. He sounds like a real jerk. Forget him you can do much better

    • How? It seems like I'm not good enough for anybody.

    • Yeah you are. Don't sell yourself short. He's an asshole

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  • It does sound weird but maybe what you're seeing as dates he sees as two friends hanging out maybe you're in fact not dating

    • We've made out, done other things, and we went out on a real date. What hurts me the most is that he acts as if he likes and cares about me, yet he's sending me out to go date other guys.

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    • I mean, would a guy really want me to see other people if he really liked me? In your opinion.

    • Im not the best person for that because it depends on the guy my husband and I used to be bestfriends got drunk one night and had at it which even though it continued it didn't make us a couple I would be on and off with my ex and He wad dating a lot of girls some of which he would even bring around me and vis versa it wasn't until this one night we were together I told him I wanted to stop and he was all like Oh but I love you but that's not everyone we were just weird

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  • "Why am I not good enough for him? Please help!"

    There just isn't a way to answer that question without being able to read his mind.


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