Dating a girl for a month, suddenly cut contact mid conversation?

I rarely date and haven't dated in ages, most have been one night stands. Not sure what happened. Been talking to this girl for 2 and a half months, dating for one month. Have had sex a few times already despite her saying she wanted to take it slow due to religious reasons. She lives with a strict aunt and uncle that didn't really want her to date so we sneak back at hers late at night. However, she wanted me to meet them next time. Anyway we're talking, replying approx 10 mins apart, I forget to text, replied an hour late and she just ghosts me. I've already double texted by saying good morning. Should I ring her a few days from now or send a message what's going? I like closure rather then being ghosted.

Dating a girl for a month, suddenly cut contact mid conversation?
A couple of red flags noted:
Has a bad work schedule, 3 jobs so barely time to hang out
She won't give me her Facebook
Doesn't like to answer calls
Last guy she dated she left him after a month by ignoring him (I feel like that's happening to me now)
I seem to be the one starting the convo topics when we hang out, never her (not really interested?)

What's the deal?
Is she playing me?
Is she seeing other guys?
Did she give in to her strict relatives to cut me off?
Am I too distracting for her (she mentioned I am due to work)?
Is she worried I was just using her for sex?
Did my boring "what are you up?" to question bore her that we no longer have much to talk about?

Well she replied and said she was getting back at me for my late response... wtf


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  • AHHHH RED FLAGS! RUN AWAY!!! No dude she is NOT interested. Run as fast as you can!

    • Trying to get me to be serious, meet her extended family then pulls this on me wtf?

    • Ya dude she is pulling at your heart strings. Do NOT tolerate that. I had a guy play this crap on me for 5 years and I was an IDIOT and tried harder and harder and he just took so much I completely lost all sense of myself. I became an empty shell. He drained it all.

    • Thanks for the advice, I've definitely got my guard up now. by the way she just replied with "Heyy." just now

  • She's playing games.

    • She told me when we first got to know each she played games like this to other guys and we both laughed about it... now she does it to me lol. How long do chicks usually do this for and how do I win?

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    • Probably or she is a girl that plays games and will keep you hanging on because she likes the attention but only when she wants it.

    • What a waste of my time... but the sex was fun while it lasted I guess

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