First contact! Success or failure?

So there's a girl who I've been crushing on at work for the past 6 months. I always wanted to talk to her but got discouraged after seeing all the other guys that approach her and my shyness didn't help. But I noticed a few signs that she might like me back and finally worked up the nerve to talk to her the other day. We mainly talked about annoying customers and our bosses. I think a few of my jokes rubbed her the wrong way. I have a rather cynical/dark sense of humor and she seems generally very cheerful and optimistic. So she pointed out the positive side of a few of them. Other than those few hiccups she seemed very into the conversation and when it was time for me to go back to my department she seemed to want to continue the conversation. Heck she didn't even seem bothered when I did awkward things like getting a bit to close to her personal space. And when she was leaving she looked right at me and gave me a smile and told me and the rest of my department bye. It'll probably be awhile before I see her again, our schedules are wildly different (mornings vs nights) but I wanted to know if it seems like she's interested and how to be less awkward next time.


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  • She likes you. Take things slow so you don't scare her off. Ask her to go to the park or a walk or something? Talk about interests? There's lots of great ways to secure someone's feelings about you.
    Whatever you do don't move too fast.

  • Jesus. You sound kind of creepy. It's not a good idea to get involved with coworkers. In 6 months if she hasn't talked to you then she probably isn't interested. Do you know if she is single? Sounds like she was just being nice. If you want to pursue this I'll give you advice. Next time you see her ask for her number and say you like talking with her and you'd like to talk more and you don't want to have to wait to see her at work. If she is hesitant in any way, she doesn't like you.


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