Guy I'm talking to text me "Nighty Nighg Loser"?

Is that bad?
i actually do playful teasing...
sometimes I say things to friends and people I'm dating such as "ok weirdo, or call them a butthead, or lame o"

do you think he's flirting with me in an asshole way?
Im an asshole too so I don't know... he's been saying morning and night to me everyday.
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  • Some people have an "Insulting" sense of humour , but I wouldn't tolerate it. I'd feel disrespected. It's a weird way to flirt. He sounds very immature , and just silly. I'd ignore a guy who texted me that.

  • If I were you, I'd probably think that he is not into me.

    • Hm, why is that?

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    • I know, I know. He might like you a lot, but his attitude would kind of kill it for me if I were you. I wouldn't like being called a loser even in a teasing way.

    • I feel like he has dark humor...

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