Have you ever said something that made you look bad?

I was writing a post on another site about this guy that I am seeing.

Anyway I am a bit insecure because he's pretty attractive and I'm not conventionally attractive. So I was going on about what our dates were like, etc...

So I was telling them how I see him online still (while I was online because how else would I be able to know?). TBH I was reading a message from another user. But I'm not interested in them. And I said to the other people that "I assume he's talking to other people because if I had other options I would too".

Now I'm not a bad person. I've had it happen many times where I stop talking to other people and basically make myself exclusive to the person (whom I'm talking to and getting to know, no sex! We're not exclusive or girlfriend and boyfriend.), and then that person has no interest (but our seeing each other goes on for months). I just don't want to waste my time so I talk to and meet other people at the same time now. Which is dating, isn't it?

I assume most people do this. I'm not sexing up anyone, I'm just going for coffee, talking and getting to know them. I'm single, and anyone who's single should be able to meet up with different people, shouldn't they? Or am I just a bad person?

Basically one of the posters thought I was a terrible person for doing that. Even though I assume other people are seeing multiple people on dating sites too.

What do you guys think?


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  • Every day. It's a force of habit as I'm an unusually outspoken person, and I'm usually I afraid to speak my mind.


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  • Can't remember, don't think so


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