okay so I dated this guy when I was in Highschool. Now we are both in our 20s. We dated for awhile and then he broke up with me out of the blue and I took it very hard. We were on and off after that and then we went to college and never really saw each other after that. We would text here and there but nothing substantial. Just recently he has come back into my life. A few days ago we were talking and he just starts basically pouring his heart out. Telling me he misses what we had, wishes he never left, telling me he is still in love with me after all the others girls he's dated over the past couple of years. He's asking for a second chance and I am iffy about it because he has been so wishy washy in the past. But now I haven't heard from him in almost two days. I told him very clearly if he blows this or I sense any wishy washy type behavior I would cut him off permanently. Last time we talked was Sunday. We talked about Super Bowl Sunday and left off on a good note. But he has been like this in the past. Acts all lovey Dovey and then just kinda dissappears. I don't want to get strung up and tied up in the games again. He said he doesn't want to lose me but it's been almost two days and he won't reply to me. I haven't called or blown his phone up or anything. I am just confused and need some advice.


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  • It still sounds like he is acting wish washy and if you do not want that to happen while trying to rebuild any potential relationship then you should probably leave that relationship in the past unless he shows a genuine change in behavior

    • I haven't said a word to him today. On Sunday I said have fun with your friends talk to you later sort of thing. He didn't reply and Monday came he didn't say Goodmorning so around 5 I said how was your day. Still no reply and it's almost noon today. Should I wait till Wednesday to tell him what's up? I'm not playing games here. Tommorow around 5 I am going to shoot him a text saying to call me and that we need to talk. If I don't hear from you by the following day I'm cutting you off permanently?

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    • Personally I would probably never go back to a previous ex, but having said that I'm still at least acquaintances with most of my exes and once in a while talk with them

    • So yeah I would at least keep tabs probably

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  • I wouldn't trust him and I wouldn't give him a second chance. But that's just me.


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