NEED AN EXPERIENCED GUY'S/GIRLS HELP: Should I reach out to him?

I'll call him G.

G and I met online when I was 15... I'm 19 now. We messaged and kept in touch for years, I was always oddly drawn to him. G and I met in November of 2016.

Our bond was beautiful. We had intercourse the first night I met him, [I'm not someone to do that either], and we were seeing each other weekly until he seemed to get nervous and told me he only wanted to be friends. We then saw each other a week and a half later and called it back on. After seeing each other that night we started to see each other everyday and spend so much time together. I became head over heels for him.

He would prioritize me and always want to be around me by December 2016. We were so close, he even told me he considered me his best friend. He went on a vacation and by the time he came back it was January 2017 and he was acting super weird and not talking to me. I was getting weird vibes and an intuition something was wrong. He reached out to me and told me he wasn't ready for a relationship because he has a lot going on and he doesn't want to leave me in the dust but he feels he has no other choice with everything going on in his life. He said he feels like we will just hurt each other if he continues to see me. He said, "this is your best friend saving you and me from it going any further and us hurting each other". It's been about a month now from the conversation and I want to talk to him and see him but I'm not sure if he even wants to see me.

I tried reaching out to him and we talked for a bit a little over a week ago, and later in that week I asked him to come over my place to hang out but I got no response. He isn't a big texter, but I always see him lurking on all my social media consistently, so I'm not sure what to say to him or what to do at this point. I know he was falling for me and I'm not sure if he is distancing himself from me so he doesn't fall in love or whatever or I'm not sure if he just wants nothing to do with me at this point in time.


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  • No what for him to show interest


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