How do people flirt?

I'm kinda somewhat talking to this guy (not serious), and he says I'm either probably the most dull girl he was ever interested in.. or I'm just friend-zoning him lol.

The few times I talked to guys in this way, we weren't necessarily "flirtatious" in conversation, but we at least knew we had interest in each other. The guy I'm talking to currently isn't the usual "calm/quiet" guys I usually talk to. His outgoingness makes me feel like he's gone around, hence why he expects me to be a certain way when I talk to him.

But I guess it doesn't hurt to try... so tell me!!


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  • Honestly I just act in the moment on instinct and go wit the flow but I am usually curious, playful, witty, poetic, teasing or being a little bit of a tease.


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  • I imagine that complimenting him and teasing him playfully can do the work. Also, touch him subtly.

    • Alright! I think I'd be too awkward for that second part, but thank you

    • You are welcome. You can do it!

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  • The idea is to say pretty much anything you dare at the right time and make it seem like a joke

    • Like what, "Your hair looks nice today,"
      and make that look like I'm joking?

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    • for me there's a difference between flirting and being dirty lmao :D or I don't know what he means

    • Oh haha, I honestly thought they were basically the same at first

  • means you need some flirting?

  • With a sense of curiosity, playfulness, wit, and love for conversation. Flirting is all about making another feel good about themselves. Even smiling can brighten someone's day. What do you think makes humor so attractive?

    • To be honest, I try to joke around a lot, but apparently that's not flirting

      For example, one time he was like, "Man, I need a foot massage"
      And I'd be like, "My brother gives good massages." I wasn't necessarily being 'funny', but I thought it was a playful reply... And he ended up getting mad -.-

      ... Maybe his definition of flirting is different then most.

    • Lol that's pretty funny for me to read. Another thing about flirting is to hear/say what isn't being said. What I hear out of you talking about your brother is that you could be suggesting this Guy could have his foot handled by another man (your brother). Didn't you know all us guys are sensitive when our manliness is questioned

    • Oh haha, well I didn't see it like that so maybe? lol

  • I flirt by joking with them, calling then names, and just general teasing


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