Need help! multiple things hindering me from getting to know a girl that likes me?

1) I only see her for 5 minutes before the bell rings cause I don't take no classes with her and I never see her in the halls
2) can't spend a whole two hours with her at track practice cause her mom don't like her staying
3) Crazy girl I was crushing on likes cock blocking me and yells things at me when I'm trying to talk..
yeah help me please!!! I'm so close!!


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  • Umm, tell her to hang out together after school?


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  • How about recess or cafeteria? Or even if you see her only 5 minutes before the bell rings, just walk alongside of her for a sec and ask her to hang out after school. All you need is an exchange of contact details and you should be set, especially if you know she likes you. After that you can arrange to meet her in places more private, away from crazy girls and prying friends.

    Also what's with this crazy girl? You used to crush on her?

    • Oh, I think I remember now from the last question. Probably easiest to get her real quick and close, exchange contacts, then arrange to hang out in places (in school or out) where people aren't bothering you. You only need a small window of opportunity to make that exchange.

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    • Don't worry about it -- fear of rejection is usually going to make you act in a way that leads to rejection. Be comfortable around her, confident to speak your mind, invite her places. Fear of messing up will generally be the number one things that messes you up.

    • Try to keep it more in person though -- using kik and stuff like that more to arrange to meet at places, hang out.

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