Never had a girlfriend and going to college, do people date in college or is it pretty much hooks ups and one night stands, kind of worried?

I'm just scared that if college is mostly a hook up culture I'll graduate without having a girlfriend and knowing how a relationship works being 23 going on 24 years old, where most people had multiple relationships in high school, any advice?


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  • Where I am it's mostly hook ups, but it depends on where you go. I say just embrace the single-until-I-Graduate. You should focus on your studies anyway


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  • Many people do date in college, but many also only do hookups. The vast majority will hook up during the first year, then as the years go by, they will hook up less and will look for relationships.
    So you'll typically find girls who have been with like 20 guys during their first year, and then will look for a relationship.

    • Well that sucks what happens for dudes that have never been in relationships let alone have a hookup with one woman?

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    • It feels like a vicious cycle if you aren't able to find relationship or hookup women don't want you but when you try to gain more experience you can't because your stuck in the same predicament, the university I'm going to is also over 50% male which I just found out, it sucks but I guess like you said I have to try to get some experience no matter how hard it is.

    • Yep, that's why I said you'd have to lie.

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