Why can I easily talk about anything through text but when he calls I'm shy?

So me and my boyfriend started dating like two and half weeks ago. He used to live down here but then moved away and I had only met him a few times. We started talking online and began to really like each other. Now we are dating and both of us are sexual people. I have no problem talking to him about that stuff when I'm texting him but then whenever he calls and starts talking about that stuff I get all shy and don't know what to say. What can I do to overcome this?


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  • your probably like that because your whole relationship is about typing something. I think you should just start talking on the phone a lot more often, that way you'll be more comfortable. goodluck!

  • This is very normal. Text is a completely non-confrontational form of communication. I cannot tell you how many guys have sent me some really sexual texts but then are tongue-tied in person. I finally decided to not go for sexting, but I digress.

    I think you should start talking to him in person, not by phone, about this. It could really hurt your relationship over time if he keeps seeing this wild woman in text but then ends up with shy girl when you hang out. With more trust about your relationship and about your boyfriend, you will open up. It has only been 2 1/2 weeks, that is not long enough to develop a strong emotional connection.

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