Girls, How likely are you to say yes to a handsome guy that asks you out with a cold approach?

Feel free to post success stories using the cold approach, or epic fails. Cheers!

  • I would say yes to him no matter what approach he took!
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  • I would be surprised, but would probably say yes.
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  • He may have succeeded if he tried to get to know me first, but no.
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  • No, I am simply not attracted to men I don't know. Or, I am shy.
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  • Uhhh, hell no, what a creep, he would probably kill me on our first date.
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  • I have a deep relationship with my current boyfriend and would reject anyone else.
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  • i don't like cold people... why should one be cold that's weird.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I suppose that depends on if any chemistry seems to exist in the initial conversation.

  • I love it when a guy has a nice personality, if he's cold, I will say no.

    • Cold approach doesn't mean cold unfriendly personality. It just means a guy has the courage to approach a girl he doesn't know and ask her out.

    • Thanks for clarifying, I would determine it after conversing with him for a while. More likely yes because he had the courage to ask.

  • nada, no chance at all