Are girls pretty good about reading into when a guy is interested or not?

Would you say most girls are pretty good about reading into when a guy is into her or are girls even more oblivious than guys in that regard?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Probably. I think the majority can. But the ones that are oblivious are REALLY oblivious

    • i can never tell if a girl likes me, it's not because i don't notice things, but simply because i don't expect it to happen, so when i find out someone has a crush on me i go "wait what, really? i mean REALLY?"

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    • I would usually think that he was in a good mood that day and felt like talking, and I just happened to be nearby

    • Like you, I never assume that they like me. It just seems more reasonable to think they started disliking me but would feel bad to cut me off completely.

What Guys Said 2

  • I doubt it. If women never took time to initiate and pursue men then they certainly wouldn't have the experiences of being rejected and knowing body language of guys.

  • Not really, although many say they are good at such things.


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