I'm getting bored with the guy I'm supposed to hook up with?

I'm supposed to meet him on the weekend... but he's boring me. Everything he says is sexual.. which is fine but he can't even keep a conversation regularly. It's getting me bored and I'm not anticipating the day now... should I just ignore him?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't ignore him, just tell him you've changed your mind.

    • Verbiage?
      Should I say hey I changed my mind I'm not interested in the hookup?
      He was talking about dating after and he hasn't even met me yet...

    • Yeah, just tell him you've changed your mind and don't want to hookup anymore. If he asks why, just say you simply don't wanna do it.

    • Yeah, I just texted him but he didn't reply so I guess that's it then.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Then tell him you don't want to hook up anymore. Have the decency to have a conversation with him.

    • Did you not read?
      I said I do have conversations but his replies are boring or they end up sexual. Not even the sexy sexual either.

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    • @ashleyrene ok

    • @ashleyrene Yep. But not worth a response.

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  • Cancel on him, and be flat out sorry, I'm not interested anymore good luck

    • I don't feel bad but like he's not keeping me engaged...
      not hyping me up for it. Also, he talked about dating after when we haven't even met...

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    • Yea, honestly fuck it u don't even owe him that... block it and move on.

    • I just told him I'm going to cancel.
      He didn't respond though. Lol.
      I don't think he was serious anyways.
      Oh well

  • Tell him it was nice while it lasted


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