Is This Guy Looking For A Reaction? Confused By This Man's behaviour Help?

This Guy Has been messaging me on whatsapp, and I feel it's the guy I knew from before, who I haven't had contact with since middle of last year, he really reminds me of him, well today he messaged me we we're talking and I said I don't like players, and men who say to every girl that they look pretty, he said if you feel like i'm playing, tell me I will not disturb you, I said I mean In general, I also said I like a guy who can talk about his feelings too, he answered saying yes they should be able to say anything, the last thing I said to him was how come your not married, he replied with soon, I said do you have someone in mind , his reply was Sarah, was he after a reaction there, I am just wondering how should I reply to that?


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  • I think he is actually a player.

    • What Makes you think he is playing me?

    • He already mentioned someone else named Sarah, didn't he?

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