Girls, My girlfriend is having surgery on her knee in a few days. What could I do/get for her since she'll be stuck home for the next couple of week?

She is having surgery on her knee and I to know what y'all think would be cute and would love your boyfriend to do if you were hurt and could not leave your house.


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  • Dinner.
    Favorite show sets/movies/books.
    Help would make me happy.
    If she's stuck in bed: cards, board games, video games you can play together.

    • Sadly she will be stuck on a couch where there is not much room so cuddling won't work. Any suggestions on gifts since Valentine's Day will be coming up?

  • I agree with Zendrya. Bring her food, bring a good movie, cuddle with her and stroke her hair.

    • Sadly cuddling is not an option because there's not much room in her couch which is where she stuck. Any suggestions on a good movie romantic preferably because that's her favorite genre

    • Dirty Dancing
      About Time (this one is my personal favorite.. don't watch if parents are around, there is language and sex)
      Love Actually (was made by the same people as About Time)
      My Best Friend's Wedding

  • bring her her favourite food and a good movie.


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