What should I do?

So here's the situation I'm 23 been on multiple dates but never had an actual girlfriend. I've never been hit on, complimented on my looks, never had a valentine, never been to prom, I've never been cared for or loved by a woman, been found interesting by any girl, or found attractive, my whole life I've been alone. every time my friends try setting me up with a date the girl sees my picture and just doesn't reply. I've been on multiple dates like I said but usually there's never a second date. I'm a complete gentleman, I pay everything, open doors, dress nice, well spoken, a bit quiet, good hygiene, I'm in shape and a little on the muscular side. I'm Hispanic but I speak English prefect with no accent. Have a decent job and my own car and place. I don't consider myself and ugly guy either, I have a clear skin, I personally don't think I'm ugly. I'm just a sweet nice person trying to find someone to be happy with.

I don't really like talking to woman however because back in high school I hit on a girl once and was called a creeper and it kind of scared me for life so ever since then I've kept my distance from women I don't know. I don't want to bother anyone much less be called a creeper so I usually just keep to myself and try to live my life without bothering anyone. I'm also scared of being cheated on me so it scares me when I trust someone because I'm afraid of getting hurt. I'm not an aggressive person I just want to be happy is all


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What Girls Said 1

  • it could be a number of things Hun really. Maybe you're looking for the wrong girls.

    • I tend to not really Pursue women because I'm scared of being called a creeper so I just keep to myself

    • Maybe you come on too strong or something else you don't see as a flaw.

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  • I know the feels.

    Confidence, a makeover and shit like that helps. And yes, makeover. It works.

    Also, stop slouching your shoulders if you do. Huuuge "creeper" vibe to peeps for some goddamn reason.


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