Is he available? Do I ask?

So this guy i met at a party sort of had a girlfriend. They started dating but then 2 weeks later she learned her job was moving her 5000 miles away in 2 months.
But we were mildly flirting. Next party (a month later)... a little more flirting.
Next party (a month after that one and just before her departure) a lot of flirting. He said he wanted to learn the hobby i was doing (i wanted to learn one of his) and he said we should each teach eachother our hobbies.
We talked the whole party almost. And did little flirty things (eg he was throwing ice on my feet from tge beer and giggling).
Now she's moved away. Is it pretty safe to think he's available?

I am realizing i like him a lot. I messaged him to see if he wanted to hang out on an adventure. Should i ask whats going on with them or is it pretty unlikely theyre together? If i do ask... what do i say/how do i ask?


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  • I agree and disagree with the last comment. agree BC there's always that chance. however, if he flirted with you you could've made him have second thoughts about her.


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  • If he flirted with you while in a relationship with her he'll flirt when in a relationship with you.

    • Yeah... i thought about that. But they may have already planned to not stay together considering her plans to leave... ? I don't know how serious they were or what they planned to do once she learned she was leaving.

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