How do handle girls that reply fast?

I struggle when I like a girl, I send her a message and she replys back within 5 seconds...

Then I wait a minute or two ( I need to calm down and figure out a reply)

and again she replys in 5 seconds...

I understand with friends it's cool, or even if you have known her for a while...

But it gets nerve racking when I like her...


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  • Responding quickly is a problem?

    Also, it's texting. Just take your time and if she asks why you take so long, just say your busy or you didn't hear the phone go off

    • I do, but they reply so fast and I don't know what to say

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  • If you find texting a girl nerve racking, you really need to work on that. Texting is one of the absolute lowest forms of social communication. If you can't respond to a girl quickly over text, how are you going to talk to her in real life? Or is your entire relationship going to be based on text?

    Now I can understand if you're busy, don't reply instantly... No one's forcing you to reply instantly. But waiting because you don't know what to say is really going to be a problem for you. You need to get some confidence up and just say anything that springs to mind, you don't need to get out a whiteboard and draw up mind maps and venn diagrams in order to try and work out what may or may not be the best response. Come on man... She'll like you more if you're not afraid to just say whatever comes to mind.

    • I get really anixous, and don't want to say something that kills the conversation, I don't know :(

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    • Never let the conversation die off due to it getting boring. That's a sure fire way to have her lose interest. You always want to end the conversation on a high. If you think she might be losing interest in what you're saying, rescue it. And like I said, just be random and say anything. If she's still not interested, I'll give up with her because it's clear she's not interested in me and I'm not interested in her either by that point.

      But if a girl likes you, she'll want to keep the conversation going. All I usually do is take the lead and steer the conversation in a direction that I want it to go, even if that does involve talking about trees... Lol. But always try to be the one to end the conversation and always end it on a high. I can't how many times I've been texting a girl and she'll be disappointed when I end the conversation.. That's what happens when you do it properly. Also limit texting as well, you should be focused on dating.

    • Okay I'll try

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  • Lol troll right? Women never respond that fast.


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