Is he only after one thing?

I went on a great first date with a guy last week, and we ended up staying out till 2.00AM. We clicked, and had a cheeky snog at the end of the night when he dropped me off. We even planned the second date, during the first one and true to his word, we've made plans this weekend to go for a hike and then for a meal. We also stay in frequent contact, and convo never runs dry. All sounds good right?

My warning signs: He was very complimentary the next day, saying that I was "lots of fun", "Hot" and "Lovely" and then the next day, he said "I looked yummy." (cringe) He also keeps saying how much he's looking forward to our second date... and suggested after we go for the hike, we go back to his and shower, change clothes before going for the meal...

Am I overthinking this, or do I have a good reason to be suspicious?

We get on so well but I don't want to have my time wasted. He's very extroverted, and a crazy kind of character so I don't know if this is just him being genuinely excited to see me... or to sleep with me.


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  • Sounds like he wants sex. You should not have sex with him until you know for sure that he likes you.

    • Thanks, I don't plan too!

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  • looks like he wants to get into your pants

    • Would you say the biggest indicator are the compliments or the fact we go back to his and change clothes after the hike?

    • both

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  • He wants sex

  • This entire thing is a red flag.


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