Girlfriend super active on social media, it worries me sometimes. Read my story because I really dont know what to hold of it?

She is 35, i am 29 and she has a 4 yo daughter, who seems to really like me. We met last December, and things are going great. Whenever we are together i notice that she really likes me. we do fun stuff together, she does for me as i do thing for her and we do fun stuff all together. We both agreed to take things slow and haven't really gone official yet. few people however do know. we have sex, sleep together , met her family and some of her friends.

the thing that bothers me that she is really active on social media. fb, snapchat, instagram, facetime, whats app etc. the reason it bothers me, is that she really talks about a lot of people, guys mostly whenever she is with me, like chris did this, nick is being an ass, etc.. she is open about it and i dont get the feeling that she likes these guys but sometimes she is just talking to much about others. she isn't with her phone when we are together but im like, im here for us, to talk about us etc.. its ok her telling me stuff about her social life but sometimes she just can't say goodbye to certain people that she really should say goodbye to. yes she did recently when some guy who still liked her started talking crap about her while she always made it clear she didn't want him, however she just kept him in his friendlist and the dude didn't stop.

today i checked her fb , not as in a controlling way i just wanted to see what she posted. and on her timeline there was this picture of people who visited her fb page the last 10 days. maybe a hack no idea. some guy did so like 10 times, i checked his fb profile and she was liking a recent picture of him, or she is liking pictures of other guys, or people adding her, people i think she doesn't even know. Im like, why is she doing this and why can't she just be more reserved. at the same time she is ordering tickets for us 3 to go to a concert together.

is this normal behaviour or? im trying to focus on us, is she doing so as well? and should i tell her how i feel.


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  • she's addicted to social media, that is her "social life" unfortunately, like any other addiction, it will be hard to curb unless she decides to do it. Another thing is, she wants the attention, the compliments and mostly from opposite sex, that speaks a lot about her self esteem, she needs validation. I dont have advice but talk to her, if it really bothers you.

  • You should talk to her about, observe her behaviour too, does she seem happy when she's reading texts on her home etc

    • well she laughs about them sometimes and she shows me the texts but im like , hmm ok. today she said something weird. she posted something about her cup D, it was an online joke and a guy friend, well he replied by making a sexist comment. she just seemed happy him responding but they had a fall out a few weeks ago were she got angry about him ignoring her and now she seems ok about him sending a reaction to her post. well to me its not ok. he makes a sexist comment he is not asking her how she is.

    • I would be worried tbh, personally any sexual jokes I'd share them with my SO not any random guy friend

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  • You're a newcomer to her social life. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions yet.

    • thats why i have kept quiet but like last weekend i had a great time with her, we went to a musical, all on my expenses and then next Monday she starts liking a picture of another guy, she doesn't like any of my pictures. guys and girls yes can always fancy someone else thats ok but she needs to cut down on the social media because it makes me feel awkward at times. i won't tell her to stay away from her friends or what ever but im not liking any girls pictures simply because i m not interested in it

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