Girls, yake a look at all the dating advice, coaches, videos on YouTube, and male complaints online. Do women realize dating is hard for men?

From my experience, women will just stop talking to a guy they dont like without telling them why and then complain to their friends there are no good guys left to date (i. e., hot men) and expect us to do the same when we may not have a date for several years after that one. Why are a lot of women mean to men they dont know who approach them in broad daylight? I asked women from my parents generation and they were nicer to men back in the day. So why are so many women into having an independent mindset, not giving out real numbers and replying back, and playing games because thats not what women use to do?


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  • I always tell a guy when I reject him, it is me who has been left hanging by guys who won't say anything to me. Men are like that too, not only some women.


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