Girls, do you generally assume really hot guys have a lot of experience with women?

Yes or no? And why?


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What Girls Said 2

  • It could be since men who assume that they are attractive are mor self confident but this might not always be true. what is attractive to one girl might not be attractive to another.

    it's all about tase but in general i would say yes to answer your question

    • I'm saying let's say the guy is undeniably hot, not like subjective attractive. So most girls would err on the side of him having a lot of experience with women rather than having little experience, right?

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    • How does that make girls feel? Do they just view themselves as being just another piece of meat to the guy or what?

      Also if he's late to reply (or doesn't reply at all) to your texts or can't meet up randomly, do you assume he's with another girl?

    • Well, I might not represent the majority of the girls but if a guy replies late THIS IS IT i am done and i won't even bother to text him or think about him... And i would not feel like a piece of mean to the guy if he KNOWS how to approach me :)

  • I don't completely ASSUME. But, I would guess that they PROBABLY have a lot of experience. If they're single, I think they probably sleep around and have a lot of girls all over them.

    • Is that the way most girls feel about the situation?

      Like if they're single and the guy is single he's sleeping around with a lot of people, or if she's in a relationship and he's single and he gives her attention she likes - she's afraid if she cuts it off with her boyfriend for this guy he'll just pump and dump her?

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    • Like if he flat out ignored you then was really talkative but seemed genuinely happy to see you, or if he would text you back immediately but then at other times not respond what would you be thinking?

    • I would think he wasn't serious about me and that, maybe, someone else had his attention. I would pull away after that.

What Guys Said 1

  • I know somone who is over 6 feet tall, muscular with blue eyes. Girls swoon over him. But he's a virgin. And he is straight too.

    • He admits it?

      And how did he end up being a virgin?

      And how do girls swoon over him? Explain?

    • Yeah he does. He was my previous flatmate. He is just too insecure so although he gets to date a lot, the girls don't stick with him after the first few dates.

      He is an all round nice guy though, it's kinda unfair. But girls 'demand' confidence, and if the guy doesn't have that, it's really tough.

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