Signs a girl thinks you're really hot and is nervous around you?

What are some dead giveaways that a (hot) guy should be looking out for?
If you're around him what will you do, will you ever initiate convos with him, and if you talk to him what Will you be like?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm shy so I would avoid him but try to stay in his line of sight. If he approached me, I'd have a really hard time maintaining eye contact. But, I would smile the whole time.

    • How can you tell a difference between her liking you but having a hard time making eye contact and her not liking you and not wanting to make eye contact?

      If she's laughing, smiling, and not having a monotone voice - that's a good thing right?

      Last question, would you have a hard time keeping up a convo with him? Would it be on him to steer the conversation?

    • 1. Laughing and smiling is a great sign. If she likes you, even if it's hard for her to make eye contact, she'd probably still smile, it would probably be an involuntary, blushing smile. Her voice might get soft/high-pitched. She'd laugh at things that aren't that funny. She'd look happy.

      If she's avoiding eye contact because she doesn't like you, she probably would look plain uncomfortable and not in a good way. If she smiled, you'd be able to tell it's fake. She probably wouldn't seem to be paying attention to what you're saying and might look for an excuse to end the conversation.

      2. I would want him to steer the conversation if I was so nervous that I couldn't really think of anything. It would help me relax if he made an effort to keep the conversation going and it would encourage me to talk to him the next time I see him.

    • How would she end the conversation or at least want to end the conversation? Would it just be monotone voice through and through before awkwardly stopping speaking?

What Guys Said 2

  • She will avoid eye contact, play with her hair, laugh and giggle a lot. Sometimes they will stare at you

  • If she's smadt she hides it


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