How to tell the difference between love and infatuation?

Have you ever truly been in love and realized all the other times you thought you were in love were just cases of infatuation? How do you know you truly love someone?


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  • Infatuation is when you fall in love with the illusion your own mind has created of a person. You build an image of what they are like and how your life could be together. It's only superficial

    Love is when you fall in love with their personality, good side and bad side, as well as their flaws. You get to know their true character, so you know them on a deeper level


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  • There is a big difference I've been through both I that I was in love with like 4 guys When I was infatuated I was selfish to them and didn't really care for them or there problems I basically was in love the image and the thought of being a couple with those person, real love I would do anything for that person and give up anything seeing a persons flaws and habit and loving it and never want to change it's like if that person isn't in your life you feel like a half of a person, you want the best for them never to intentionally hurt them. That's what loving someone feels like.


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