I asked my crush to prom and he said yes. Does he like me? Please help?

So I asked him to prom through texting. He'sa senior and I'm a junior and we've known each other for almost a month. We brought up the topic about school dances and he wrote that he hates them because they are boring and that he's been only to one. And I got the guts to ask him and he said yes. We go to different schools. Tomorrow we're working together and I'll see him there. What should I do if he acts like nothing happened? Or if he avoids me? What are the chances that he actually likes me? Thank you.


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  • You'll have to ask him tbh. Him agreeing to prom can mean any number of things. Friends show up together, couples show up together, I've even heard of cousins taking each other. You'll have to talk to him if you want a straight answer.

    • When I see him tomorrow, what should I do? There is a chance he'll act like nothing happened. Or worse he could avoid me? How to act if this happens?

    • I'm personally straight forward with my questions. But if you're not comfortable with asking him straight up, you can ask him why he agreed to go with you and if he's excited. If you choose to beat around the bush though, he may take your cue and avoid offering up the answers you're actually looking for.

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