Whats a good date idea when I can't come over my boyfriend's house and he can't come over mine?

Right now were each in living situations where we have to see each other out on dates even though I wish one of us could just come over the other's house and we could watch netflix and snuggle on the couch...
But I want something personal where we could have some privacy and I'm not sure if a hotel room is a good idea because we're taking things slow physically and don't wanna jump into sex too soon.
Please let me know if you have any ideas for me :).
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to comment!!
Thanks :)

These are all good ideas...
I was still thinking maybe going to a karaoke bar would be fun


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  • See it ia beter to meet in a neural place than your house or his.. coz that sex part not on the card for you guys as of now.. meet him outside somewhere like a fun park or something.. where in u guys get to spend much more time than a coffee shop or a restaurant..


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  • Umm I imagine you could use the car, a coffeehouse in which not many people frequent to, you could go to the park late at night, you could go to the beach... Hmm I am not sure I can think of anything else right now.


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  • picnic

  • Go for a drink when the weather is nice, or for a picnic.

    • Karaoke is nice, but only if you both either can or can't sing. If either of one can't sing, both should be laughing it off

  • Prominade in a park. Booth at a restaurant. Cinema on days where there are not as many patrons.


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