I found out my boyfriend lied to me about another girl before we started dating. Should I end it now?

Me and my boyfriend were "talking" for two months before we became official a couple of weeks ago. About a month into us talking, he had blown me off one day and I got mad and ignored him for a few days. On one of those days, I saw him with another girl practically shoving her boobs in his face and sitting on his lap.
Next thing I know, my (now) boyfriend was texting me and pleading with me to talk to him again and saying that he didn't want things to end. When I asked him about the other girl he said that it was only because he didn't think I would talk to him anymore and that she didn't matter at all because he liked me, not her.
Come to find out that he was also talking to her at the same time and that he didn't stop talking to her for several weeks after that... when she ended it with him.

I don't know if this should matter or not because we weren't yet official. Would it be wrong of me to dump him now?


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  • I'd dump him immediately. If any guy (or girl) is truly interested in one person, they shouldn't be concerned with anyone else. Sounds like he was just trying to keep his options open.


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