Girls, don't know whether I should text her or should I just move on?

So there's this girl I been seeing for awhile. We've been on multiple dates and some of those dates she initiated. haven't slept together but kissed and made out and such. After our last date, a couple weeks later, I texted her asking if she wants to hang out but she say she's either not in the mood or she just wants time to her self... so I said that's cool and the following week I asked again, same response...

So I gave her time and 2 weeks later I asked again if she wants to hang out and she send me a text saying that she doesn't want a relationship but see me as a cool guy and wants to hang out.. and I said that's all good I understand and I let it go from there. But why did she made out with me? Anyway, so I stopped texted her from then and a month or so later she texted me Merry Christmas text and I responded back. And when new years came I send her a new years text, and she didn't responded til the next day.

So the things i know that she did say she doesn't want a relationship but i do like this girl... so i was thinking should i send her one last text saying how you been? because we did enjoy each others company or should i just let it go and move on?


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  • Look... I think you should probably be honest with her and tell her how you feel, or better, tell her to be clear to you and tell you the truth. You should send her one last text, try just one more time and take the opportunity and ask her what she wants, so you can know if you can keep on trying or just let it go and move on :(

    • hey thanks for your post... ill give it one last try and see what happens.

  • she moved on dude, sorry


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