New guy I'm dating on vacation says hey to me and then doesn't reply?

So a guy I met on tinder usually talked to me like every day all the time, numerous texts, we went on one date, it went really well, we had a lot in common, says he wants to see me again, gives me a kiss, texts me 20 minutes after he leaves, keeps texting me every day, but he left on vacation Saturday. He warned me about it, saying he was going to be really busy on a vacation with his brother and that he apologizes in advance and sorry that I was catching him a bad time but when he gets back he wants to definitely go on another date. But since he left Saturday, I haven't heard from him, I texted him Monday just to ask how it was going and he told me what they did and what they will be doing. He posts a couple snapchats every day from his vacation and posts stuff on Instagram but doesn't text me. I don't expect him to text me the entire time but maybe a text or 2 wouldn't hurt. Today I sent a snapchat about my Disney college program roommate survey to everyone in my snapchat list and he snapped me a picture of the road (I think they're driving) saying "hey" and I said "hey :) how have you been?" And then he said "happy birthday!!!" And I said "thanks waiting to open my presents" and sent him a pic of them but he never replied back. I can't tell if he's still interested in me or not or talking to someone else. I don't want to accuse him of anything because he hasn't done anything to make me question him or his actions. Like when we were on our date we didn't talk about being exclusive but he told me he never really uses tinder in the first place and that he didn't really have any matches, hadn't used it in over a week. (We only had been talking for about 1 week at the time) is he just busy on vacation or not into me? What's up with saying hey and acting like he was going to start a conversation just to not reply?


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  • You went on 1 date so don't get too clingy, and he also said he was going on vacation so be aware that he might be busy and not be in touch as often, so what's the problem? He doesn't have to text every day or every hour, and if he doesn't there's no point jumping to conclusions about him seeing other people. Just enjoy talking to him and see where it goes.


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